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3 Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) THE PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVER.

It is the second part of Driver CPC. Our Driver CPC course includes training and certification across all 6 modules. .

Truck Module Test (TMT) €45.

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Your theory test certificate is valid for 2 years from when you passed the first part of the test.


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If you have a full driving licence for a bus and/or truck and it was issued on or after 10 September 2008 for buses, or on or after 10 September 2009 for trucks you must:.
Once you've passed the four stages (theory test, case study test, practical driving test and walkaround test) and added the bus and/or truck categories to your full licence, you must then apply for your driver CPC card.

Driver CPC Module 4 training is all about the safety and security of the vehicle.

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A video where I discuss taking the CPC module 4 test and share my result. Stored within it are sets of. com. . Preventing criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants. Session 2.

This CPC4 exchange service can be pre-programmed to your VIN or left blank for your local dealership to complete programming.

. A video where I discuss taking the CPC module 4 test and share my result.

Carriage of goods.



This video will give you all the training you need to pass your LGV | Lorry Initial CPC Module 4 test! In the video we cover: Daily walk around checks, Cockpit drill.