Firstly, create three sheets named after the three students’ names.


At the top, click Data Split text to columns. 'This macro splits data into multiple worksheets based on the variables on a column found in Excel.



DIVIDE GOOGLE SHEET BY KEY COLUMNS even without headers ;) This add-on splits your Google sheet into multiple sheets based on the. . .


class=" fc-smoke">Jul 13, 2022 · Click on the Data menu. getDataRange(). .

class=" fc-smoke">Jul 13, 2022 · Click on the Data menu. SPLIT function.


Both tables have a common column, the Employee ID, so this could be considered as a key-value or a unique identifier in both tables.

. Split Sheet will divide your Google Sheets table into several sheets based on the contents in the selected columns or the number of rows.

In each, I specify a delimiter, and the function breaks the text into chunks. .

I found the following VBA code that does what I need however the.
To change which character Sheets uses to split the data, next to "Separator" click the dropdown menu.

I achieve that here by typing =Split (A2,B2).

Compare columns and sheets for dupes and differences.

. . Region is column 24 on the source worksheet, the data starts on row 3 and the header is Row 2.

On Step 3 choose destination for the resulting split tables. This is working fine, however I need to limit the number of rows per each sheet, for the sake of the example. The SPLIT function helps you to quickly and easily separate text into columns based on a delimiter. . Click the Data tab.

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Click on Split Text to Columns option. #Google #Sheet #Split #Multiple #Sheets.


fc-falcon">If the data’s already in the sheet, select the cells you want to split.

Select Split Text to Columns option from the drop-down menu items.

For instance, here is my sample Excel worksheet.