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Buy it you won't be disappointed response. I don't think you will find a nicer Instrument at any price.



<strong>Seydel Söhne Chromatic de Luxe Steel C. The instrument benefits from the stainless steel reeds well known from the 1847 Blues harmonicas and the timeless precision manufacturing of the Renaissance chromatic. .

04 - ORCHESTRA S - learn to play melodies - diatonic harmonica included (tuned in Solo-Orchestra-Tuning) comnplete starter set with.

. I don't think you will find a nicer Instrument at any price. .

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Grammy Award winner and SEYDEL endorser Peter Madcat Ruth demonstrates his new SAXONY Orchestra Chromatic in C.

. Seydel’s Saxony harmonica was the first commercial non-customized chromatic harmonica with stainless steel reeds.

Chromatic DeLuxe Steel Orchestra Harmonica C. I have original box.

This retails for 599.
The Seydel Saxony 12-holer is at the top and any sensitive and trained musician will appreciate its superior qualities.

Rustic instrument, yet it responds to soft breath consistently across the range.

The half-moon shaped silver-plated mouthpiece is designed from scratch and provides excellent sliding properties.

. Seydel Söhne Nonslider Chromatic Solo C. A.

These include an alloy essentially made of aluminium which creates a sound with phenomenal focus, projection, and punch. . Right out of the box, the Seydel Saxony Orchestra tuned 12 hole chromatic harmonica is a very fine instrument. The Orchestra tuning starts with a G below the C in. . .

Available in Solo and Orchestra-Tuning.

I’m going to put the Seydel Saxony at the top of the instruments I’m writing about, because in many ways I think it offers the most unusual, and perhaps. .


The Saxony harmonica is a result of Seydel's 160 years of experience hand-crafting premium harmonicas.


Hohner Chromonica 270/48 C- Deluxe.

The Seydel Saxony Orchestra is an amazing instrument, it plays beautifully straight out of the box and the sound is beautiful too, the mouthpiece is well designed and easy to play.