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Map lights: Press the map lights to turn on or off.

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In this case, not locking the.


"Door" setting is the middle setting. 3. clean the socket connection and apply some bulb grease coating to the tips.


Hi ! I have an '05 LX with a strange problem: alarm won't activate with fob (including with a new fob). There is an easier procedure that totally disables the Auto-high beam part of the auto headlight system. Take them out and use a tester.

Can't figure out why the back lights. Took me a while to find this as ours was set to Off from the dealer.

HOW TO FIX INTERIOR LIGHTS THAT DONT SHUT OFF WHEN DOOR IS CLOSED ACURA HONDA DOOR JAMB SENSORVideo just showing how to replace a door jamb sensor most of th.


They will stay off until a door (or hatch) is opened. Had to close selector rocker switch to off position to keep lights off so battery would not drain when car turned off.

I just took delivery of my 23 Odyssey Sport and have the same issue. You may have a faulty switch.

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Is it an option to set the lights switch to OFF when the kids are sleeping? personally I prefer to make it super bright so the kids can find what they need to find in.

For a 1990-2007 Accord, the fuse for your interior lights is located under the hood.


Turn the dome light switch to the "OFF" position. If I shut off and re-start the car, the lights stay off. Page 353 HandsFreeLink consumer support icon from the information screen.

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1999-2004 Honda Odysseys use a 9005/9005 LED bulb for high beam headlight and 9006/9006 LED for low beam headlights.

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remove maplight assembly from the van by removal four 8mm screw/bolt, diconnect the harnesses.

Page 140 Headlights On Touring models The lights turn off.