Here are ten notable hidden chambers, secret rooms, and concealed passages from throughout history from priest holes to royal escape routes.

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There are several benefits in going to an ancient city: To obtain sculk catalysts,.

Approach the portal structure from the side with the altar, and drop down into the trench area between the two walls.

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The Ancient City has a hidden room that's commonly referred to as the "Redstone Room. 19 and has certain items that can't be found anywhere else in-game. .

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Echo shards are new items but only have one feature in Minecraft (Image via Mojang) Echo Shards are brand new items that Mojang introduced in one of the 1.

You'll. Ancient Cities are sprawling underground structures that generate very rarely in the Deep Dark biome.

19 version. On your left as you enter the room should be the main redstone circuit, which is the one.

" It can be found underneath the wooden bridge next to the giant.
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In 2010, a team of archaeologists stumbled upon a mysteriously hidden room in the 250-year-old National Library building in Kolkata.


Our guide will help you conquer the Ancient City in Minecraft 1.

. National Library of Kolkata. It was added in the recent update.

Ancient Cities are now available for exploration in Minecraft 1. . In this video I will show you how to open the secret redstone room hidden below the ancient city portal! If you liked this video, please be sure to hit the like button. . . You'll.


. The center of the shrine contains rare reinforced deepslate blocks that cannot be broken or found anywhere else.



Stand in front of the very centre of the portal, underneath the bridge to the.

Secret ancient city lab/origin of the sculk: So, there's apparently a secret room beneath the "portal" in the revamped ancient cities.

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