Ashtanga Yoga Practice Diary

What’s this?

This is an app I wrote to track your yoga practice. You track your practice by taking your phone with you, tapping the start button and start practicing. When done, you tap the stop button and basically, this is it.

You can see some statistic (as a source of inspiration) and synchronize with Ron’s site (if you are a student of Ronald Steiner).

As the app is constantly evolving, there will be more functions to it – but this describes just the core functionality of the app.

How do I get it?

The app is available on iTunes and on Android – click the link to get there.

I’m lost! How do I get help?

Just send me an eMail – I’ll get back to you as fast as I can and will try to help you. Some helpful information are:

  • What operating system are you using (iOS or Android)
  • What is exactly not working?
  • Can you reproduce the effect

I also love to hear from you how you are using the app and what improvements you’d like to have.

Legal stuff

The privacy policy is here.