How I met Yoga

My path to Yoga was – as it is so often in life – a long and winded one.

It all started when I was about 30 years old. My former wife, a close couple and me made a day trip with the bicycle. Afterwards, all where in a fine condition except for the one, who was totally winded afterwards.

Before that bicycle trip, my self-assessment was that of a healthy and fit person. Afterwards, I had to learn that my weight of approx. 100 kg (about 220 Lbs) wasn’t because of pure muscle mass.

So, I set out to start a new life in the fitness world. As (almost) every male, I began with working out in a Gym. It didn’t take too long that I was unsatisfied – neither books nor the trainer staff could really answer my questions regarding losing weight and gaining fitness. Therefor, I started studying to be a trainer for myself and took courses in fitness and nutrition, learning a lot – and opening more questions in the process.

Some time later, I found “Functional Training” which at that time was a new trend, which fascinated me from the beginning. Looking for new exercises, I often ended up with Yoga postures, which made me curious to learn more about Yoga and how this works – at this time still with the idea of fitness drills in mind.

In 2013, I found Ashtanga Yoga for myself – and it turned my whole life around!